Connecticut Children’s Alliance (CCA) is a professional membership organization on a mission to end child abuse. The Connecticut Children’s Alliance, Inc. (CCA) began its journey as a coalition of CACs and MDTs in 1999 developed by then CAC directors to advocate for the model on a statewide level.


In 2009, CCA received 501(c) 3 status.


Gaining NCA chapter recognition in 2010 with two full member CACs, two associate members, and eleven MDTs. At present the chapter includes nine accredited CACs, one Associate, and seventeen MDTs. The CCA has been instrumental in supporting the growth and development of CACs and MDTs statewide. Over the last several years, CCA began receiving input for members and other stakeholders that there was a need to focus more on prevention if we really wanted to work on ending child abuse.


In 2018, CCA collaborated with stakeholders to develop the Prevent Child Abuse CT program.

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